Equisent Investments

Equisent Investments is the property development, private equity and venture capital arm of Equisent Group. Mainly a holding vehicle for property development and asset growth, Equisent Investments is always seeking development opportunities to grow our portfolio.


Our Advantage

Equisent Investments has close links to other private equity firms, and also participates in Joint Venture projects. Non-property related business opportunities for potential merger or acquisition with our other divisions such as Aged Care are also evaluated on a regular basis. If you have any business opportunities you would like to discuss with us, please discuss with us.

Our Networks

Great investment opportunities are about deal flow, contacts, networks, and market penetration. We have extensive connections to many markets and understand the key players and their drivers. In many cases we are able to act as broker between parties, and create deals by putting like minded individuals and companies together, all of whom are seeking the same goal.

Previous Deals

We have: 

  • Brokered an off-market property acquisition for a foreign investor.
  • Connected off-shore funds with local businesses seeking capital investment.
  • Introduced investors to lucrative property development syndicates.
  • Value-added to deals to de-risk the transaction, then brokered parties together to manage and run the project.

How can we help you?

We can:

  • Introduce off-shore sovereign funds to market leaders in the Australian market.
  • Put investment deals together with multiple parties by matching their project requirements with the requirements of each project.
  • Form a property syndicate to invest in high-profit projects, and bring other investors to the project as required.
  • Act as lead investor in a project, providing all project management services, and bring in silent equity with preferred equity status and payout.