Equisent Finance

Equisent Finance is a mortgage lender specializing in second mortgage and mezzanine funding from private non-bank funders. We specialize in lending to business people who wish to grow their businesses, who have real estate suitable for security for these types of loans.

As the banking industry tightens regulatory and credit policy in the volatile global economic climate, borrowers are increasingly turning to non-traditional sources of funding to solve their business growth requirements.

Our Advantage

Equisent Finance is a leading boutique financier specialising in mortgage finance in the commercial, retail, industrial and residential property markets. We provide structured debt financing to property investment and property development companies and also high net worth investors and developers.

Our main funding space is the high yielding area between 1st mortgage senior debt, and the developer's or investors equity portion.

Equisent's mission is to be the premier provider of this type of funding product; at competitive interest rates, industry leading service levels, and minimum bureaucracy.


Why Choose Equisent?

Our competitive advantage to the traditional bank lender is that we believe each loan and each borrower is different – as such we provide a personalised service to best structure and service the borrower, which also allows us to understand their business effectively.

Our Board of Directors pride themselves on their breadth of knowledge in all areas of finance, credit assessment, property investment, development, construction, property law, and corporate law.

For more information, please contact one of our Directors.