The Equisent Group is a diverse group of companies involved in property development, property development management, aged care health and retirement living, property finance and domestic and commercial construction.

Originally formed in 2005, the various Equisent businesses complement each other and provide synergy in a competitive marketplace. We believe in quality, efficiency, and depth of knowledge. Our senior executives are the best in what they do, and constantly strive to do it better. We aim to provide the best service, the best products and the best customer experience. This can only happen through deep and implicit knowledge and understanding of the marketplace and industry.

Equisent is a growing organisation. New divisions and businesses form regularly and organically from ideas brought forth by our executives and people. We aim to create lasting partners in each business and a key driver in our growth lies in encouraging employee stake holding and buy-in to the vision that they themselves help create.

Our vision is not to be the biggest company in the world. Rather, it is to be the best in the field of whatever we do, to be a great place to work, with great people to work with.


Equisent Investments

The property development, private equity and venture capital arm of Equisent Group.

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Equisent Finance

Mortgage lender specializing in second mortgage and mezzanine funding from private non-bank funders.

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Equisent Constructions

A rising star entrant in the domestic and commercial construction sector.

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Equisent Aged Care

An operator of supported residential aged care services in Melbourne, Victoria.

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Recent Projects

To know more about our projects, whether if it's currently running or long completed ones, please feel free to contact us using the form below. Our friendly customer service team would love to hear from you.